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Indianapolis Stump Removal

Most stumps are eyesores and distracting from a landscape perspective, so they should be removed for aesthetic purposes. More importantly, tree stumps can be very inviting to a plethora of insects, such as ants, bees and termites, so they can be hazardous as well as unsightly.

Whenever you need to remove a tree stump from your property, it's always advised to contact an experienced and qualified stump removal professional for the job. Attempting tree stump removal on your own can be very dangerous, as you are not able to accurately determine the best approach to remove the entire tree stump. YouTube is full of videos of accidents that have caused harm to humans or damaged property when tree stump removal has been attempted by a non-professional. Don't try it yourself!

We Care Tree Service LLC will deploy our highly skilled and trained staff to your property, ensuring that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible. Additionally, removal experts have the correct tools and equipment to quickly, safely and efficiently remove a tree stump from your property, regardless of their structure and size.

Stump Grinding & Backhoe Service

Stump grinding is the easiest and most common method of stump removal. Our experts use a stump grinder machine, that has metal able to cut deep into the wood and grind it into tiny particles. We may also employ a method called backhoe. This method is more expensive and uses a backhoe to dig the stump from the ground. Professionals use the backhoe method when the roots of the tree are deep into the ground.

Tree Removal Service

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